Fiscal Futures!

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Fiscal Futures!

Post by JJW009 » Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:55 am

When I was a lad, I was taught:

"mend and make do" and

"a penny saved is a penny earned"

... and that rainy day, we were always looking forward to it but when it came we never actually spent our savings.

Then the 80's happened... and "What's the point of money if you don't spend it!?"

I've noticed some people complain one week that they have no money, and the next week they post "help me spend my ?90" - which kinda makes me laugh!

So I was just wandering, if you got ?200 on a premium bond or something, what would you do?

If it was actually a premium bond, I'd buy some more with it. If it was a gift, I'd probably just put it in the bank.

I have no pension scheme, but I have a house. I figure if I get old and senile, I can sell the house and live in one of those lovely homes you hear such nice things about. If I had a family I'd probably have different ideas, but every time I get dumped I'm older and it seams less likely...

Aargh... this is too serious, I'm going to bed! No.. really, I am... Sleep........


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