Looky here!!!

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Looky here!!!

Post by ojfoggin » Fri Sep 02, 2005 3:07 pm


I just been recommended this link and it looks like one of those scam sites but it isn't!


Anyway, the way it works is this.

You click on the link and register your details (no payment details etc, just name etc...)

You then complete ONE of the "offers". The cheapest/easiest one is to leave a ?10 deposit with bingo.com. (or whatever it's called).

You then get 14 people to do the same thing and you get yourself a FREE 19" Acer LCD screen (there are other prizes available that require fewer referrals).

Basically you pay ?10 and you get a 19" Acer LCD TFT monitor!

Click the link.

I have checked out every nook and cranny of this site and it is legit down to giving the registered company number to allow you to complain if something should go wrong.

Click the link, the worst you could do is not do anything.

Besides, I'm saving up for a new LCD screen and if I can get this one for ?10 all the better!

Please click it cos this isn't a scam or anything.


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