Mind Game

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Mind Game

Post by Big_Adam » Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:32 pm

Yo all.

ok watched this well......rather bizzare film and loved it. its called mind game and its just a good strange one.

basical outline from animenfo

The story follows Nishi, who meets the girl of his dreams, Myon, on a train. Myon and her sister invite Nishi to their restaurant. He arrives, only to find himself murdered by Myon`s debt-collectors! After Nishi dies and goes to heaven, he returns to Earth against the will of God. When he returns to Earth, he is immediately eaten by a whale. In the stomach of the whale, Nishi meets an old man who has been living there for 30 years.

basical after Nishi meets Myon he dies in well........one hell of a werid way i won't give it away but what a way to die. he go;s to heaven and meets god......who changes shape evey few seconds which is very bizzare. well evenualy he go;s agenst god and returns to earth. were it all gets more and more bizzare includeing nishi useing his butt cheeks to hold a gun. theres also a great car chase scene then finaly......well......er...........their eaten. by what i shall not say as i don;t want to give anything away but damn its good. i mean the meeting with god and nish is petty good to begine with. especial when god ignores nishi to get ready for a date. anyway. its good.

the animation itself is fairly strange bit scribbly and not like the higly polished animes of today but it still looks good apart from the weird animeated photo looks with just seem odd but these are few and inbetween.

the storie is good and it all holds together nicely throught all the madness. and the ending is made but the proper ending is rubbish. its about as abd as the ending to Big O which was also a crappy ending.

all in all a good mad very watchable movie. i give it.......8 out of 10. would be higher but the ending.

anayway its avalible on fansub by KAA (google sucker) so its all good.

anyway. mind game = good mad film. enjoy.


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