Asian Film Reviews

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Asian Film Reviews

Post by JJW009 »

Among the films I watched on Lappy in the hotel last week were a couple of fantastic Asian classics. I'm not good at film reviews, but here's my best shot:


Old Boy

15 years of imprisonment, five days of vengeance

This film rocks. It's based on the Japanese Manga of the same name:

It's quite violent and sweary. OK actually its bloody violent and f*cking sweary!

the twists in it kept me guessing; you think you know what's coming but you're wrong. Or at least I was. Gangsta films usually bore me, but this isn't about gangs or thugs just for the sake of it. It's not a Kong-Fu movie either. It's just brutal.

I also watched:



This is a beautiful film. It's also quite complex; and for these reasons I need to see it again on a bigger, brighter screen.

I've not seen the Anim? series or OVA, and from what I've read it doesn't matter. The two are barley related except that the main character kills millions of robots in both of them.

It probably wont make you cry, although at times it feels like it should. In some ways the film is a failure - but it is just so damned beautiful. Its worth watching just for the CG. It is not GITS, although it is reminiscent in some ways. Well worth a watch, but don't spoil it with a 14" screen like I did.


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Asian Film Reviews

Post by Mr_Trainspotting »

Okay opinions here not reviews.

Ring -

Good suspence horror, intelligent, interesting.

Ring 2 -

tripe - don't bother.

Ring 0 -

Epic, I strongly recomend this it's less of a horror more of a thriller but brillant - watch after watching the Ring.

Grudge -

Good film, same feeling as the Ring but improved.

Suicide Circle (Suicide Club)

The only bad thing about this film is the rubbish music at the start when the 60 school girls jump onto the railway track.

Dark Water -

Good ghost story.

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Asian Film Reviews

Post by brataccas »

I got korean tai guk gi (brotherhood of war) awesome film <!--emo&:whistle:--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='eusa_whistle.gif' /><!--endemo-->


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