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I saw this recipe in episode 65 of Monster and had to look it up. It's not only kinda funny, it's realy easy <!--emo&^_^--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='happy.gif' /><!--endemo-->

All dishes with different ingredients placed on top of a deep bowl of rice are called "donburimono". There are many different kinds of "donburimono" such as "gyudon" with beef on top, "katsudon" with deep-fried pork on top and "tendon" with "tempura" on top, etc. This time, a primary 1 student, Fumina, is going to introduce "oyako-don" ,which everyone loves, to us. The reason for calling it "oyako-don" ( Parent & Child Rice ) is because both chicken ( parent) and egg ( child ) are used in the dish. If pork and egg are used in the dish, it will become "tanin-don"( meaning "somebody else" ).



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